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The Zenasian League is a coalition of Ferengi colonies that were founded by the Trinary Corporations, Lobug Technologies, Greegrub Labs, and Vog Warp-Works. The League was founded in 2370 when the three corporations bought the rights to the systems now known as Lobug, Greegrub, and Vog. The League has had little contact with the Federation (due to the fact that the Zenas Expanse is considered a 'frontier') however during the Dominion War the League signed a non-aggression pact with the Dominion along with the Bajorans and other minor powers in the region.
Officially the Zenasian League has done business with the Bajorans, Dafari, and the Talarian Republic (please see: Survey Flotilla 8-1: Project Remora Orders for more information on region powers) and more recently the League has begun trading with the Cardassians. Unofficially the Breen have been a near constant enemy of the League in the form of raids. The coreward side of the Zenas Expanse has always had issues with the Breen mainly slave traders and privateers and being in that region the League has experienced these issues.
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The following Communication was intercepted on Stardate: 90390.88 
Capt. Purr'na Soma
USS Dauntless
Zenasian League/Star Navy Personnel:
When dealing with our new Federation allies you are commanded by the League Council to show respect and to be on your best behavior. No plots, scheams, or profit mongering will be tolerated. When in or on Federation assets (Ships, Colonies, Stations) you are to follow Federation regulations and laws. Breaking said regulations and laws will be considered the same as breaking League laws.
Also it's been brought to command's attention that a few of our female personnel have had questions about attire. Let it be stated for the record that while in Federation facilities clothing is mandatory. However you may take them off at your discression within your quarters. Be aware however that such customs are not common nor welcome in the Federation and when having guests over it is strongly recommended that you wear clothing.
Captain Lumba Boargost,
Special Envoy of the Zenasian LeagueEight Expeditionary Task Force
Z.L.S. Algol