USS Yorktown
Technical Details

Dauntless Class Assault Cruiser




8th Expeditionary Task Force Exploration/Assault Cruiser

Commission Date:


Decommission Date:



8th Expeditionary Task Force

Crew Information
Commanding Officer:

Captain Kenneth Travan

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"Give me a challenge and I'll meet it with joy!"

Ship's Dedication Plaque quote from President Ronald Reagan the night of the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. Originally used on the USS Challenger-B. Plaque was redone and transferred with Captain Travan

Senior StaffEdit

Captain -Kenneth Travan

First Officer -Travis Antilles

Chief Engineering Officer -Derrick "Hobbie" Keivan

Chief Operations Officer -Kelleran "Kell" Tainer

Chief Science Officer -Saaril

Chief Medical Officer -Miriya Parina

Chief Tactical Officer -Foster Bren

Chief Security Officer -Zachariah Sesler

Yorktown HistoryEdit

When the Challenger Class Assault Cruisers began suffering major structural failures due to low grade materials being used, Starfleet Command ordered Captain David Hunter and Commander Derek Keivan to come up with a solution to keep the USS Challenger NCC-93689-A in service. The final solution came in the removal or the existing pylons and warp nacelles and replacing them with a sleeker design, making the ship look like an upgraded Sovereign Class. The design worked and the Challenger served the Eighth faithfully as the flagship until Starfleet considered her a one ship class and ordered her decommission one year later in 2410.

Three months after her decommission, Commodore Andrew Shepherd worked out a plan with Captain Hunter to resurrect the Challenger. because Starfleet had not approved the physical alterations of the Challenger Class, the ship could be given a new class name. One that could be used to augment Starfleet's line of assault cruisers. Thus the remnants of the Challenger-A were towed to Remora Station and work began on the new Dauntless Class Assault Cruiser. The ship was renamed to USS Yorktown since there was now a Challenger-B in existence and given the registry of NCC-99412. Even now, Starfleet has three more Dauntless Class ships being built.

When the USS Challenger-B was ordered to move to the Third Fleet, Captain Travan remained to Command the Yorktown. With him came most of his senior staff. The Yorktown now serves the Eighth in an exploration capacity with enough firepower and speed to come to the rescue if needed.