Theron Rand
Theron Rand
Biographical information
Homeworld Virinat (Orphaned)
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Marital Status Single
Physical description
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Romulan Republic
Posting RRW Virago
Position Republic Justicar
Rank Commander
Played By @USS_Paragon

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Federation Standard

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Biography Edit

Theron Rand has no knowledge of his past previous to his discovery as an infant in a crashed escape pod on the colony planet of Virinat. Despite his human birth, he was adopted by a pair of Romulan colonists, Dra'ven and J'len.

Theron was raised as a colony farmer, learning great resourcefullness, as well as other survival skills, such as shooting and tracking. Upon reaching the age of adulthood, Theron joined the colony militia and served for a time. When completing his service with the militia, he transfered into the Colonial Constabulary Coalition, pursuing his calling to be an investigator. Theron found great success with the Constabulary. His cases saw high conviction rates. As a result, he ascended the chain of command to lieutenant.

In early 2409, Theron found himself back on his home colony of Virinat for the annual harvest festival. During the festivities, a remnant Tal Shiar force assaulted the colony and made an attempt at conscription. Theron was able to rally a small resistance force to distract the invaders long enough for the colonists to escape to the countryside. Although out manned, out gunned, and unable to prevent the destruction of the colony iteself, Theron's decisive actions allowed over half of the colony's population to escape.

The aftermath investigation conducted by the Republic brought Theron's actions at Virinat and his service record to light in the eyes of the Republic Government. As a result of his skills aptitude and display of loyalty to the citizens of the Republic, the electoral body voted to induct Theron into the Republic Justicars. In addition, Theron was given command of the RRW Virago and allowed to hand select his support team.

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