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Vyr Royal Palace

A brief history and description of an age old Orion region.

Vyr OriginEdit

The Vyr are so named because of the region of Orion from which they live. The region of Vyr is tropical and it's islands are considered to be the most beautiful on Orion. The Vyr population is very tightly controlled and it is very difficult to gain application to live there if not connected by blood. Vyr is the seat of one of the old Orion royal families (which still has its function) and this is something all natives of the area take great pride in.

The bloodline, heritage, and importance of a Vyr is in his or her name. For example Jelea Ajea Vyr, her first name is personal. The second name is the region/county she is from which is Ajea. And the last name is of course to identify that she is a resident of Vyr.

Males play a very important role in Vyr culture, although they have no seats of power all males strive to become guardsmen and in time to hold the rank of Commissar, which is basically a Vyr commission which gives them certain authority and is the highest social standing Vyr males can hold. The Vyr males live in lesser areas of Vyr but all those who make it into the Guard can reside at specific location which are much more amiable.

The Vyr have an important role in Orion history as they were one of the co-protectors of the Orion Institute of Cosmology. Though in the title there is more to it than meets the eye. Many secret discoveries and records of exploration are kept at the institute. At present all Vyr have a responsibility to protect the institutes records. Which is now constantly in fleet transit under guard of an armada to be studied and to protect it from those who would wish to learn it's secrets.