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Introduction To The Swordfighter SquadronEdit

The Swordfighter Squadron is a mercenary force nominally associated with the Klingon Defense Forces. On paper, they are an Auxiliary unit of the KDF, operating as a privateer style raiding force or as simple cannon fodder for the KDF in times of war. In practice, however, they operate with full autonomy and under their own discretion.

The Swords make their living undertaking various odd jobs that require Guns, Guts, Greed, and a General disregard for law... So long as the price is right.

Function with the EmpireEdit

Though they are regarded as barely having any honor and used as expendable units by the KDF, these mercenary units are highly prized within the Empire by the many factions and great houses for being able to do covertly what they cannot do overtly without significant risk to their honor and prestige.

This combination of expendable and deniable has ensured that the Empire is willing to tolerate these units within their space, if not outright encouraging them, in spite of them often working as much against their interests as for them.


The Swords are predominately Orion, though they are not exclusively so. The squadron often attracts outcasts and exiles from the Empire and other Star Nations into their service, giving them a chance to make a living and claim a place within the Galaxy.

Relations with the outside GalaxyEdit

The Swords typically try to remain under the notice of many of the galaxy's major and minor powers, believing anonymity ensures safety and enhances their ability to work without attracting unwanted attention from authorities and rival groups.

However, the Swords have started to acquire a reputation in certain circles for being effective and capable, despite being relatively new and unknown.


The Swords operate in a loosely organized manor and do not use any kind of formal ranks, though there are clear commanders and subordinates. Commanders are generally chosen by a varying mix of close range plasma/disruptor fire, explosive decompression, sharp pointy objects to major neck arteries, and pheromone strength.