These are the voyages of Subadmiral Tal'ina Tanara.

Subadmiral's LogEdit

Stardate #91134.5Edit

I met with a small group of Federation aligned Romulan Republic...misfits in preparation for our assignment to the Federation's Eighth Expeditionary Task Force. Two of them were late, including Valenius. One of them, a mere child, was becoming bothersome. I took the initiative to begin the meeting. There were some reports of interest. I am curious to see how things turn out with the Task Force.

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Upon beaming down I became self-conscious about our appearance to the Task Force. I found myself becoming increasingly embarrassed by my fellow officers. I was extremely embarrassed when Valenius ranted. Luckily, Admiral Travan and the other Task Force officers seemed to take it in stride. I even think the Akanesian enjoyed Bell's...antics. Despite those tense moments, the meeting appeared to go well.

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Stardate #91507.3Edit

Ever since the outbreak of a fungal infection on Remora Station, Commander Valenius has sequestered himself in a closet and refuses to come out until the fungus is eradicated. Any assurances to his health and wellbeing were fruitless. There was a lot of racket coming from the closet. It sounded like he was reconstructing the whole space. Security personnel were concerned he was destroying Federation property and possibly a risk to himself or others. I assured them to the best of my ability that he wasn't...although I honestly wasn't too sure. Once that man has something stuck in his thick head it's impossible to get it out. He was actually insubordinate, refusing to comply with direct orders. I finally lost my patience and gave up. Whatever he's doing in there, he's smart enough to eventually figure out the fungal infection has cleared up. If not, well, I'm sure the Task Force will figure out a solution.

Personal LogEdit

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