Sigeh 2
Biographical information
Homeworld Unknown
Species Gorn
Gender Male
Date of Birth unknown
Date of Death N/A
Marital Status N/A
Physical description
Height 2.7 m
Weight 295 kg
Hair color N/A
Eye color Gold
Political Information
Affiliation None
Position Commander
Rank Captain
Played By @shovak

Personality & TraitsEdit

General Overview Edit

Most believe Gorn rely on strength and brute force while this is not entirely acurate, most Gorn due tend to be single minded to the point of obsession when focused on a task.  While Sigeh is far from above using "traditional" Gorn methods, they are usually second choice.  Cunning and at times treacherous, this Gorn enjoys leading others to believe the stereotype of the slow, dull witted brute.  It makes them easy to fleece later.   Enjoying good food and good drink, Sigeh could even be considered 'friendly' toward other races.  Though he often comments he has more experience in dining than diplomacy.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit

Strengths - Cunning and sharp of mind, Sigeh is often underestimated by his opponents who can't get past what they see. A born strategist he is usually a couple moves ahead of his enemies, his quick mind able to change tracks more readily than most of his kind.

Weaknesses - Sometimes tries to be too clever will occasionally miss the simpler solution. He can also in his effort to portray what people expect miss people who he should be more direct with.

Ambitions Edit

While Sigeh appears to be concerned with accumulating wealth and supplies for his crew, or even just putting food and drink in his maw. More lay in his motives and actions, always watching and listening taking advantage of being ignored by other races, he is after something.

Hobbies & Interests Edit

Few get close enough to Sigeh to see his true interests beyond the obvious, but he does enjoy collecting trophies from his various conquests.  

Languages Edit


Sigeh may or may not understand other languages, as with most of his people all other languages he speaks are translated through technology from Gorn.  In Sigeh's case a cybernetic implant, it is close to the skin and can need replacing when he sheds.

Family Edit

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Brother(s): Unknown
Sister(s): Unknown

Biography Edit

Sigeh says he comes from a Gorn colony, sent to serve in the KDF as part of the ongoing cooperations between the Hegemony and the Empire, he says it with distaste.

Where exactly the large reptilian came from, or why he rejected the orders of the Hegemony is unclear.  What is clear is once he was in a position to do so he claimed the ship he was serving on for himself.  According to his own words devouring the former Klingon commander, then faking the ship's destruction and making efforts to hide the truth.

Now raiding any target that presents itself he and his crew move to whatever moditations they conceal behind those cold blooded eyes.

Service Record Edit

((work in progress))