Jelea Ajea Vyr

Personal Log: Jelea Ajea VyrEdit

Having to keep a position on this wretched Klingon vessel is starting to take it's toll. If it's not the food it's the toilet. If it's not the toilet it's the smell of permanent erect male Klingons floating around my sisters and I like flies do around fresh shit. The other evening I could not contain myself. The weapons quartermaster C'hohesh decided he wanted to try a little Jelea. Naturally I pushed aside his advances but he seemed far too insistent and I know he has laid with several other Vyr's of lesser blood, so why he thinks I would like to see myself poxed I do not know. I waited until his shift was over however and had a "drink" with him playing the shy I insisted we drink in cargo bay 3. It wasn't long before he decided to try things. But it wasn't as fast as the drugs I had put in his drink! Ha! The fool! I can't express the joy of stripping him putting him in restraints and seeing his pathetic excuse for manhood dangling above my welding torch. Needless to say the evening was loud and most enjoyable. His skin came off ever so slowly. All of it. But my how Klingon hair smells when it burns. I may just have to kill everyone on board at this rate.