Mol'Rihan Embassy


The Mol'Rihan embassy was built to accommodate Federation and Starfleet personnel working with the Romulan Republic to build a new homeworld for the refugees of the destruction of Romulus and Remus. The 8th ETF was called upon by Starfleet Command to come aid the Republic and provide additional security. Admiral Kenneth Travan headed up a diplomatic corps to work with the Republic leader, D'Tan, and his officers while also coordinating the ships that defended the planet. While the diplomacy was moving along, Commodore Vaughn Albern was ordered to direct 8th activities on the ground. Forming patrols of the surrounding regions and assisting the Romulans with engineering teams. Fleet Captain Andrew Shepherd directed the fleet activities at Remora Station in the absence of the senior commanders.

As times have changed, the Embassy is not as staffed by 8th ETF personnel. However, work is in progress to create a permanent station there in the near future.