Koskla Headshot
Koskla Vic Dpoda
Biographical information
Homeworld Betazed
Species Betazoid
Gender Female
Date of Birth 2380 (Stardate 57088.5)
Date of Death Unknown
Marital Status Widowed, Married
Physical description
Height 5'4"
Weight 140 lbs.
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Starfleet
Posting USS Suvin/Remora Station
Position Task Force Executive Officer
Rank Rear Admiral
Played By @Industria

Personality & TraitsEdit

General Overview Edit

Rear Admiral and 3rd in command of the Eighth Exploratory Task Force, Chief Medical Officer, Doctor, Psychologist, and Commanding Officer of the USS Suvin.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit

Strengths - Telepathy, medical training, some diplomatic finesse, "people person","sentient being person", "Tribble person"

Weaknesses - Vulnerable to telepathic assault, caring to a fault in a good mood, cranky to a fault in a bad mood, soft spot for Tribbles and other animals

Ambitions Edit

Explore the universe, engage new cultures, study new facets of xenopsychology and xenobiology, live long enough to retire

Hobbies & Interests Edit

Koskla dabbles in Tribble breeding. Her favorite foods are uttaberry crepes and Vulcan cuisine. She likes to throw back tulaberry wine, tranya, and meridor.

Languages Edit

Federation Standard

Family Edit

Father: Dusgla Suder
Mother: Dyaxena Dpoda
Spouse: Vaughn Albern, Samu Lij (deceased)

Biography Edit

Koskla was born in the town of Kloa on the shores of Lake Cataria on Betazoid in 2380. Koskla is a daughter of the Sixth House of Betazed, the House of Love and Compassion. This House leads Betazoids in practicing love among the people of Betazed. In service to Imza, the Goddess of Compassion, this house reminds the people how their actions, words and behaviors should reflect the love for each other, nature, and the deities. However, Koskla's immediate family is low on the hierarchy of House nobility. Her mother, Dyaxena Dpoda, and father, Dusgla Suder, were married after the end of the Dominion Invasion of Betazed. Koskla had been fascinated with psychology ever since she learned her greath-uncle was born without telepathic ability, which explained his bizarre behavior. She studied psychology at The University of Betazed before joining Starfleet in 2403.

Koskla met Captain Samu Lij upon joining Epsilon Fleet and they quickly became involved. He was Koskla's Imzadi and they had intended to marry. However, her promotion to commodore, after the fleet reorganized into the Eighth Expeditionary Task Force, rendered their relationship inappropriate to Samu and his archaic standards. Some time afterward, Samu's ship was lost and he was presumed dead. Koskla was forced to move on.

Despite the assumption that a Betazoid only has one Imzadi, Koskla has gained a second intense mental connection with Admiral Vaughn Albern. Vaughn and Koskla were close friends but there was more underneath that wasn't fully realized or even admitted. Their connection surprised Koskla but she welcomed her new Imzadi. It is uncertain how this happened but there is speculation it was related to telepathic trauma after encountering a planet full of Tholians around the same time of Samu's disappearance.

Service Record Edit

Previous Assignments Edit

Medical Assistant on the USS Elgin
Counselor on the USS Crusher
Head of Xenobiology Research on the USS Bashir
Captain on the USS McCoy II
Commodore in Epsilon Fleet
Personnel Officer in 8th ETF
Task Force Executive Officer in 8th ETF
2414: Promoted to Rear Admiral

Specialties Edit

Tribble Breeding