Overview: Edit

The SS Oriole (Talon class scout ship ) was on a planetary survey mission when they picked up a faint warp signature. Latest intel didn't mention any warp capable species in the area so they moved to investigate.
The warp signature was from an interplanetary missle with a Tricobalt  warhead. The resulting detonation damaged the ship beyond repair. Remora station picked up the distress call and ships were dispatched for rescue and to make contact with the Kobherians.
The Kobherians are a hostile race that refuses to trade or talk to alien races. They consider everything within a range of half a light year to be in thier space.
Directive 545948 from SFC to all SF personel
All Starfleet personnel are ordered to avoid contact with the species known as the Kobherians, and are directed to avoid entering thier space undeer penalty of general court marshall.

The planet Kobheer Edit

population: 55 million
6th planet in the system supports life
Red giant star with 13 planets
one world government
Warp capable using fusion reactors (primarilly military use)
Does not possess anti-matter capability.
No evidence of interplanetary ships or travel