The history of the Hybasii as well as the Lobasii is something of a mystery. According to the Hybasian history archives, both the Hybasii and Lobasii were genetically engineered by the Faceless one after they had been excised to Hylor to be used as their working and soldier class, but some freed Hybasian historians do not believe so. Some believe the Hybasian were natives to Hylor who had only reached the beginning of the copper age when they Faceless ones arrived. The faceless ones then genetically engineered then and advanced them to the space.

Under the divine guidance of the Faceless one and protection of brutal Lobasii, the Hybasii once controlled a vas trading empire within the Khazan Cluster for twenty years. From their binary home world Hylor and Bylor they explained their empire to twelve separate star systems, placing mining and military outpost third-nine planet and countless asteroids. The Hybasian might seamed unstoppable, but it only took two Borg cube to end it.  In the 2398 the Borg attacked the outer most planets of the Hybasian Empire. One by one the Hybasian colonies fells to the ruthless hand of the Borg in the end only three Biological Penal colonies were left, Rinkrik, Lonkirk, and Sankirk.


Hybassian’s are short, stout, pear shaped, egg laying humanoids, with small legs and long fingers. Their skin is light shade of blue and green, and very spongy. Hybassian males have two large fluid felled horns that protruded from their foreheads.

Length of Gestation: 10 days

Age of Maturity: 5 years

Life expectancy: 33 years