STARDATE 91331.82Edit

Under Commodore Shepherd, I have been transferred to the grave yard shift Remora Station with twelve other crew mates under my command. Our main purpose will be to finally fix all these "Glitches" that have been hold all of us back. To be honest this will be my first command and I'm a little nerves, but I think I should be able to handle it.

Grave Yard Team:

Crewman ce'Thane Aniri: System Engineer
Petty Officer Leenra Etpred: System Engineer
Ensign Bed: System Engineer
Petty Officer Morgan Evan Smythe: Mater-Antimatter Specialist
Petty Officer Salak: System Engineer
Petty Officer Lowell Damon Silverster: Diagnostic Engineer
Petty Officer Shiodi: Transporter Officer
Officer Lamonica Bonita Semmens: Explosive Expert
Crewman Bob Alfonso Alsup: Transporter Officer
Crewmsn Sang Hunter Spratt: Maintenance Engineer
Crewman Siapa: Sensors Officer
Petty Officer Dorower: System Engineer

List of repairs for the week:

  1. Emergency Warning Systems
  2. Compete Level Five System Diagnostics
  3. Transporter Maintenance
  4. Turbo lifts Maintenance
  5. Deflector array Maintenance
  6. Communication overhaul
  7. Weapon calibration
  8. Shield Calibration
  9. Security system overhaul
  10. Power grid maintenance