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Our Wiki for all things related to and for the Star Trek Online Fleets: The 8th Expeditionary Task Force. And our KDF companion fleet: The Swordfighter Squadron.

The purpose of this Wiki is to provide a centralized and easily updated databank of IC and OOC information to better facilitate RP and knowledge about the Fleets and their Members.

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About the 8th Expeditionary Task ForceEdit

8th ETF color

The 8th is a Federation Aligned Fleet that engages in Starfleet based Role Play. Players are encouraged to create Starfleet Officers and join the fleet in Rping the day to day lives of their characters as they 'Face the Unknown' in a variety of story arc adventures.

When not engaged in RP, the 8th enjoys long jet pack rides down Risa beaches, consuming a wide and diverse variety of the Galaxy's distilled spirits, and making things explode.

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About The Swordfighter SquadronEdit

Sword Patch2

The Swords are a Klingon Aligned Fleet that engages in Mercenary/Pirate based Role Play. Players are encouraged to create outcasts, shady types, and guns for hire to join in Role Play based around the lives and fortunes of a 25th century pirate squadron.

When not engaged in raiding, smuggling, swindling, or excessive hedonism; the Swords enjoy Karaoke (“It's not Easy being Green...”), using pointy/sharp objects, and are obsessed with a variant of Bocce Ball using live grenades.

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