Kol Maket

Kol Maket

STARDATE: UnknownEdit

As the Orion known as Moki took the transporter controls from her servant Kian and grinned, Kol Maket had only a moment to register the pressure leaving his skin to say wearily "Oh shit."

As the vague tingle of the transporter faded, Maket quickly crouched and looked around, shielding his eyes from the glare of the sun of Nimbus 3. He was alone in the noonday sun with no civilization in sight and was completely naked. He stood and stretched his emaciated body, drinking in the sun and the heat after the cold damp caves and jail cells that had been his home for apparently the past four months.

Maket peered around, his survival training kicking in. Within an estimated hour, he had managed to find a form of cactus for water and ate a snack of grubs and begun digging a rut into the side of a dune for shade.  He almost exhausted himself in the heat digging, but once he was in his new shade, he began to recuperate quickly.  They wouldn't have dumped me too far away from a city, he thought. They want me alive for now.  I'll wait until nightfall and then look for Paradise City's lights on the horizon.  He laid back and got as comfortable as he could and slept in the cool shade.

As night fell, Maket was vindicated as he saw the aurora-like glow on the horizon of at least a nearby settlement, even if it wasn't Paradise City.  He began the long march towards the lights, his eyes darting across the moonlit desert for any threats.  As he stumbled from dune to dune, Maket started to feel faint.  Despite his rest, he still wasn't anywhere near his normal physical shape.  The sun was just starting to rise as Maket's head spun and his world went dark.